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Once their was a little girl named Esme.  She was made in the Glory of God, to serve him.  She was perfect in every way as ALL God’s children are.  As she was growing up,Esme loved to hear her Mama sing to her, and read to her.  She would spend her days as close to her Mama as possible, listening to her voice, feeling her warmth, and best of all being rocked.  One day when our Lord decided she was old enough, and the time was perfect, she was to be born.  She was wrapped in the loving arms of Christ, and taken to be a angel and live with Him in Heaven, and watch down on us. 

At 41 weeks old, Esme Providence Di Mascio was born still on Sept 18, 2010.  She has two loving parents, and two older brothers here on earth. She is now bringing comfort as only she could through the instruments of those who love her.

If you know of a Mother who has chosen life, and needs some help to keep her newborn warm, please contact us today.


Mission .....
To Share the love of Christ in Esme’s Honor, by distributing hand made blankets, prayer shawls, and other fiber goods to Mom’s and their newborns who have chosen LIFE.